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There are several new hairstyles that are in the offing this year. The most seen hairstyle this year is none other than the slicked back undercut.

This style is greatly influenced and inspired by the look of the early twenties. If you like a classic hairstyle then this will allow you to get just that. These are surely going to work like magic this year. All that you need to know is to get your hair looking like this is to comb them back and sweep them off your forehead. Once you have set your hair in the right way the way you want it to fall, then you can go on to hold the hair in place with a styling gel. If you have straight hair that are thick and have the right texture to them then this hairstyle will work wonders. In case you have wavy hair and still want this kind of hairstyle of slicked back undercut then you can straighten your hair and then get it.


This kind of slicked back undercut will certainly revolutionize the way you look and is far more different than the other hairstyles to be found. Also, it is a very simple and convenient hairstyle to get for yourself and therefore is just right even on a Monday morning when you are just making a dash out of the door.

This is a simple and yet extremely good to look at hairstyle that will go on to up your style quotient several times over. Moreover, it is a very exciting hairstyle to have on since it gives you the liberty to be able to wear your hair down on your shoulders and give one the most youthful of looks.

Tina On February - 4 - 2012

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